Daniele Pozzi was born in Brescia in 1984. The son and grandson of painters, he’s developed a flair for drawing, modelling and moulding since his early childhood, and attended the Olivieri Arts High School in Sarezzo (BS), standing out in these subjects. After graduation in 2002, he followed goldsmith’s art classes at the C.A.P.A.C. Vocational School in Milan: embossing, chiselling, design, engraving and gem setting, with further apprenticeships in workshops of specialised craftsmen in Italy and, as regards gem setting, in Lyon and Vicenza.

He got particularly fascinated by engraving and found out that, just outside Brescia, the nearby Val Trompia is the world centre of this art, namely in the centuries-old arms trade.

In May 2015 he decided to become self-employed, in order to fully express his artistic vein.

 His experience and knowledge of different techniques are skillfully combined into a very personal, unique result and style.



In 2004 he was employed in Val Trompia by the engraving workshop C. Giovanelli, where his skills and dedication were soon noticed and he got to master all traditional techniques thanks to master Dario Cortini.

Always striving to improve his skills, he met other important master engravers, drawing valuable lessons from their teachings.


All his engravings are based on customised drawings, following a thorough research on subjects and ornaments. Once the drawing is transferred onto a object, various techniques are used to make the object more and more sophisticated: burin for details, hammer and awl to create a greater depth, chiselling to model a low-relief (both in steel and in gold), gold inlays (both pure and coloured) and gem setting (precious or semi-precious gemstones).

Constantly looking for new, experimental techniques, Daniele is very keen on miniatures, the details of which are often to be looked at through a magnifying glass in order to be fully appreciated.

“I think an artist has the gift of making people regard anything anew with enchanted, childlike wonder”.




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